Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Girl With Axe

by Drew Martin
When I was in Poland two summers ago meeting up with my wife and kids who were there for a longer vacation, I stayed with them in the big, modern, concrete house my father-in-law had made with his bare hands. He and my mother-in-law live there on the bottom floor. My sister-in-law, her husband, and young daughter live on the second floor. We stayed on my wife's floor above that.

I borrowed AXE shampoo from the brother-in-law when I was there, and I really liked the product. It is totally designed for hip, younger men, like this guy but I also found the branding very ironic. My father-in-law, a laborer, is a typical hard-working Pole; always building or fixing something, very diligent but also possessing brute force. My brother-in-law is very physically active but only in sports and recreation, not the old-school way. 

I have been thinking about this project for a while: to take an old axe I have used for 15 years and give it a metrosexual makeover, and to render it useless. So I sanded down my axe handle, and polished the blade. I chiseled out part of the handle and set into it a 3D print I made from the AXE logo that I downloaded from bestbrandsoftheworld.com and extruded in SketchUp. Originally I was going to paint the handle black and detail it with blue flames like AXE products but after spraying it with a flat black paint, it looked pretty cool just like that. I drilled holes in the handle and inserted a string of lights from IKEA but I needed to hide the batteries and excess wiring so I modeled a small object that holds the battery switch case and has a place for a magnet, which fixes it to the back side of the blade so that it is out of view.

My wife was not to eager to have it hanging in the family room but my daughter wanted it in her room. Here she is owning it. The original, retired axe, is pictured below that.

To see my axe accessory 3D models and read more about the process, click here to see my Thingiverse post.