Saturday, November 19, 2016

Artfully Awear at The Stable

by Drew Martin
Here are some pictures from last night's event at The Stable in Ridgewood, NJ. It was the first of an artist talk series I helped kick off through the Ridgewood Arts Council. I am a new member of the arts council and on my first meeting a few months ago I proposed the idea for the series that would have a salon feel. It was great to be able to collaborate with other members of the council to make it happen. With a $0 budget we pulled it together with catered food, a classical guitarist, a beautiful space, and of course a great artist to start it off with a lot of positive energy.

Our first speaker was Ariel Adkins of Artfully Awear. Ariel came out from Brooklyn to talk to an energetic crowd of fifty or so residents including several local artists. We held the presentation in the main room of the building, which is actually a restored stable that was built just after the Civil War for the last working farm in Ridgewood. In the upper-level loft space Ariel hung eight of her dresses on a clothes line we strung between the ceiling beams so that people could take a look at her work up close.