Thursday, August 26, 2010

Into the Closet

by Drew Martin

Closets send mixed messages. They have been symbols for unwarranted shame of homosexuality and warranted shame for dubious actions of one's past. It is where kids hide when they are angry or in trouble and it is where people hide things from the world: guns, cash, pornography, drugs, etc. Whether you have come out of the closet or have a proverbial skeleton in your closet, it is a relished space in high demand. Everyone needs and wants more closet space and to organize what he or she currently has.

My little gallery took a big blow this past weekend when I converted it into a walk-in closet for my personal belongings, which freed up two long closets for others. Logistically, the previous arrangement was not working because my things were often next to slumbering souls, which meant fumbling around in the dark and walking on tiptoe when I was up early in the morning.

The former gallery wall that I built currently supports a six and a half foot-long pole from which my clothes are suspended on wooden, wire and plastic hangers. Across from this are my shoes, lined up in order and arranged accordingly to usage. The nice thing is that it is a place I spend more time in now and it still has artifacts from its gallery days. Plus, I can see all my stuff in one glance, which is essential for control freaks. (Pictured left is a photo I took this morning on my way out, of the entrance to the new closet)