Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Page One: Inside the New York Times

by Drew Martin
My go-to person for documentary film suggestions is Gabrielle, the constant literary blogger at the contextual life. If I am late getting back from lunch it is typically because we bump into each other outside the building where we respectively work in SoHo and start talking about movies and such. Yesterday she recommended The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. The last movie she told me to watch that I did see was Page One: Inside the New York Times about the tumultuous times at The New York Times. She said I would like the "main character" David Carr - I did. My favorite comments by him were:
If you write about media long enough, eventually you'll type your way to your own doorstep.

The real value of Twitter is listening to a wired collective voice.

The medium is not the message. The messages are the media.