Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Itsa Small, Small Video

by Drew Martin
I went to the opening of Hennessey Youngman's (Jayson Musson) show Itsa Small, Small World last night but the art-crammed space in Maurizio Cattelan's tiny gallery, Family Business was packed with people and was a bit disorienting. So I returned today to see it in a more sobering light without the throng, topless body-painted model and buzz of the evening. It is still disorienting because the art is everywhere; hanging from the high ceiling, trampled on underfoot and layered on the walls. You could spend an hour in any one spot of the space if you simply slowly turned on your heel.

I took a short video in the gallery to try to help explain it better than I could with my pictures from the opening.

>>> Click here for a short video tour