Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Edition Over Original

by Drew Martin
Galleries are just empty rooms that rotate art with the hopes of luring potential buyers. They are not lofty-minded museums or good-willed educational facilities; it is all about the business of art and the transaction. Would it not be more practical to have a gallery in a bank where there is a steady flow of people and cash? This is the smarts (but not the blatant intention) behind Art-flow's upcoming group show "Edition Over Original" at BankAsiana in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The city is directly on the other side of the George Washington Bridge from Manhattan, high up in the Palisades. Fort Lee is best known for "Koreatown" the largest and fastest growing Korean population outside of Korea, which has been a very positive influence on the area. BankAsiana has been showing art in its public space for the past three years. I really like that the bank does this because it means that every month the employees and visiting clients are treated to an entirely new artistic experience. Art-flow is an arts organization that promotes artists and finds venues for their work. I am in this show, along with seven Korean artists am I am really excited about it. So far, it has been well organized and I especially like the theme, which challenges the participating artists to consider the relationship of editions to their originals. While most of the other artists will show reproductions, I have prepared seven original drawings made between 1995 and 2012 and will juxtapose them with interpretations that include a clay statue, stone carving, offset printer plate, book, online article, photograph and even a bottle of gin with one of the drawings worked into the label.

Edition Over Original
September 1-28, 2012
BankAsiana Public Space
172 Main Street, Fort Lee, New Jersey
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 17th, 5 - 7pm