Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cast Away

by Drew Martin
My 12 year old son, Calder, broke his forearm at a 90 degree angle while playing soccer. The doctor in the emergency room immediately gave him morphine when he saw how much pain he was in, and then completely knocked him out to reset his broken radius.

The new fiberglass casts are amazing. Not only can you choose your color, but the application is quite easy and not messy. The doctor opens the air-proof package, removes the rolled up material, dips it in water and wraps the limb. It sets in a couple minutes.

Typically a long cast is cut open on the side, but the nurse knew we wanted to keep the cast so she cut it off along the ridge of the forearm bones. This cast reminds me of the human casts from Pompeii. It documents this little arm, arrested in time, which is healing now and will keep growing into a man's arm.