Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Addo-bis: A Commuity for Artists, Gallerists, and Collectors

Check out the newly launched Addo-bis, a site dedicated to fostering partnerships between everyone engaged in the creative process: artists, collectors, galleries, and businesses.

Each month Addo-bis will not only feature a new artist, but will infuse the site with his or her work. I really like this concept and it is true to the philosophy of the founders, Jessica Browdy and Joy Harris.

I contributed an article to the new site, Owl Witness, which is about how we navigate space in art.

The image for the splash page is a photo by Alex Prager, who is featured throughout the new site. As explained on Addo-bis:

If I had to choose a favorite photographer right now, it would be Alex Prager. Why? This self-taught LA photographer understands how to create ambiguous narrative.

Ambiguous narrative is a structure where an artist sets up a scene with enough detail so an observer can begin pulling together a story but not enough information for a definitive conclusion to be made. For ambiguous narrative structure to work, an artist must lure a viewer into the work and hope that their imaginations run away with themselves. That interaction completes the work itself.  (read more)