Friday, June 20, 2014

A Dream Installation

by Drew Martin
Last week I had a dream that I was in a museum with a group of people. The most interesting space was one large, dimly-lit, earth-toned room, which had a mesmerizing sculptural installation.

The work was a large artificial field with waist-high swaying synthetic stalks. You could tug on the perimeter to expand it from one side of the room, and you could also walk into it to discover hidden things: a naked lover, lost toys, forgotten things.

It was a dream within a dream but was presented as a work of art. And while this work does not actually exist, it is one of my favorite art works because of the physical interaction that revealed desires and longings. It had the presence of an Anne Hamilton exhibit with the thinking of a late-Duchamp, or perhaps even Karl Schwitters.

Perhaps it is just a dream, or maybe something new - Field of Dreams, a dream installation by Drew Martin, 2014.