Friday, April 29, 2016

How Many Seconds Old Are You?

by Drew Martin
I was born in the 60s. Ok, it was in the last four and a half months of 1969, but I can still claim a little of that turf. The 69 always messes me up when I have to actually think about how old I am. Am I 46 or 47? 

I am horrible with math, too forgetful of my actual age, and a little indifferent to the whole matter. 

There are a bunch of apps and websites out there designed for people like me, which I decided to consult. The two websites I looked at for this post are pretty bare bones but each has its own advantage. 

The age calculator on breaks your age down separately into years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds and it tells you when you next birthday is in days, hours, minutes and seconds but it does not give you a precise age as in years+months+days+hours+minutes+seconds. One other drawback is that when you put in your time of birth you have to adjust for your time zone. I was born in California so I had to add three hours to that time.  The coolest feature of the calculator is that it has a live, ticking display of exactly how many seconds old you are.

The only other site I looked at was, which is nice because it does tell you your age as a combined years+months+days+hours+minutes but it lacks the fun of the seconds details.This site also works with time zones, which is a little more sophisticated but you have to select from a drop down, and in this particular case it felt wrong to click on Los Angeles, when I was born up north.