Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Weapons of Mass Communication

by Drew Martin
What if our dreams are not random clips of past events or slumbering fantasies but rather tests of how we might act in certain situations? If that is the case, I just destroyed a futuristic quantum communication device that would allow us to instantly interact with humans anywhere on the planet without the need for the Internet, satellites, cell towers, or energy as we know it. This device even had the potential to get on with intelligent creatures around the universe faster than the speed of light. The problem is that I tossed the only working prototype out of a moving car and destroyed it. Sorry.

In my dream last night, the inventor of the device was sitting across from me in an open-aired vehicle that was whizzing up the FDR Drive in New York City. He had it in his lap but I could not figure out what it was. It looked like a cross between a round boombox and the discontinued Brother MFC 210-C fax/scanner/copier that I picked up off the curb a couple weeks ago and got working last night in order to scan a drawing.

The young man was oddly grinning to himself and there was a digital counter on the device that was clicking down. I thought it was a bomb and we were about to go under an overpass in Manhattan so I threw it out on the road to minimize its blast damage. In the same moment the inventor disappeared and someone else in the vehicle said “Do you know what you just did?” 

A moment later I found a little remote speaker on which I could hear the voice of a lady in Africa with whom he was having a conversation. It quickly faded out and I realized I had foolishly destroyed this new device and somehow also caused the inventor to vanish.