Saturday, November 12, 2016

Sibling Revelry

by Drew Martin
The other night I was at the Whitney Museum of American Art for an event and I overheard someone from the museum addressing a young staff member as Calder. A couple minutes later I bumped into him and I asked how he got his name because I named one of my sons Calder too. His parents met at the Whitney where they had worked and also named him after Alexander Calder. Long story short, we talked for an hour about the artist Calder, this young man's artist parents, and his up and coming artist sister, Avery Singer, of whom he spoke very highly and who has a piece at The Whitney and is represented by the Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler gallery in Berlin. I was not familiar with her work so I looked her up on my phone during my commute home and was totally blown away. Avery uses SketchUp to create blocky figures, which she projects onto canvases and then airbrushes in grayscale. This results in oversized 2D paintings with the depth of 3D renderings that nicely pull together Cubism and computer-generated images. I am impressed by the scale, the idea, and the process of her work.