Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Right Here, Write Now

by Drew Martin
In our busy schedules and hectic days there is still an oasis of idle time where routine takes a late siesta. It’s a a fuzzy hour in the mid-afternoon. If you try to do work during that time you won’t be efficient so you might as well get up and walk around and discover something new. I was at a late luncheon today and instead of joining a couple colleagues to take a taxi back, I decided to walk off the meal and stop in a gallery or two before returning to my office. The first place I visited was the Westbeth Gallery where I took some pictures of the participatory installation Write Now. The gallery has multiple rooms and tables with Post-it notes, pens, and messages on the wall: What Do You Want To Leave Behind in 2016? or What Do You Want The World To Bring Into 2017?

When I was about to leave, the gallery sitter asked me if I had written something. I hadn't, so I put down my camera and drew the following Someone For Everyone Post-it here.