Tuesday, May 11, 2010

UNDER THE HOOD: At the Thinkery, Los Angeles

This Saturday on May 15th from 5-7pm, the Thinkery will be hosting an UNDER THE HOOD show. All the pictures will be taken of residents in the surrounding neighborhoods within 24 hours of the show and all the subjects are invited to come and take their pictures...and do with them as they please.

The first UNDER THE HOOD started in my back yard half a year ago, which turned out to be a great event.

To see pictures from that November show in New Jersey click on the following links:

UNDER THE HOOD: Show Preview
UNDER THE HOOD: A Garden Party

As posted by the Hairy Prone Companion:
Thinkery Rises Again

Click on the invitation above for a larger view with details and feel free to stop by...