Monday, May 17, 2010


by Drew Martin

Photography for me is primarily a social much so that I cannot take credit for its products. This relationship to the medium was confirmed this past Saturday at the UNDER THE HOOD show in Los Angeles, which "happened" at the Thinkery, with the help of its stewards, Anne Hars and Bill Wheelock. On Saturday morning, Anne and I walked around their neighborhood and she introduced me to the residents. I took just shy of 200 pictures of the people we bumped into on the street. The black and white film was developed midday and was ready later in the afternoon for the show, which stayed up until sunset.

The neighbors were all invited to see the photographs together and could take home the ones of them or the pictures they liked.

Below is a selection of the pictures from the show, starting with one of Anne and her 104 year old neighbor, Nadia:

My favorite picture of all, however, is the picture Anne snapped of me and my two year old son, Miles, during the shoot. He is, in fact, responsible for when each picture was taken; the moment of stillness he would afford me.

To view an online book version of the photography show, click here >>>