Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Friggatriskaidekaphobia and paraskevidekatriaphobia are both terms for fear of Friday the 13th. Today is Tuesday the 13th, which is the unlucky day in Spanish speaking countries.

Whichever the case, the tales and myths worked their way through history to give these dates an unnerving significance, which is why the curator, Tony Ozuna, has chosen the next Friday the 13th, this August, for the opening of a return of his Freak Show, reworked as Lil' Freaks: Freak Show II.

Last year the show was in the Galerie Califia in Hořazdovice, Czech Republic and ran from August 21st to October 31st. This year the show will run from August 13th to September 27th at the a.m. 180 collective in Prague.

Returning from last year's show with new works are the Czech artists Lenka Vítková, Josef Bolf, Veronika Bromová, Marie Hladíková and Jolana Ruchařová along with the two American artists: Clint Takeda and me (Drew Martin). New to this year's show with be the well known Czech artist Lenka Klodová whose work deals with themes of sexuality, love and motherhood through uninhibited expressions of the female body, including her own.

Poster design by Drew Martin