Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Butterflies on My Mind

by Drew Martin
Butterflies have been on my mind. It started with a documentary about a woodworker who used butterfly dovetails and with images of an installation of butterfly cut-outs by my friend Kirk Maxson (pictured - left). Yesterday I drew a butterfly hanging sets of her wings out to dry and I just woke up from a peculiar dream about a butterfly. I was visiting a couple in Piermont, New York. The husband had just invented illuminated clothes hangers for dark closets, which could be disassembled and used as shoelaces for runners. They looked particularly similar to the clear noodles I ate last night, but with a red glow. I was there for an experiment: to transfer my mind to a butterfly. I was reluctant to do so and thought, "Who will take care of my body while I am away?" When I entered the room for the procedure, I was surprised. In place of a surgical suite, there was a dining room with tables of well-dressed guests waiting to witness this. There was a table for me to lie on and some kind of apparatus to monitor me. I needed some time to think about this so I excused myself and left for the bathroom. I closed the door and woke up in my bed at home.