Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cloud 9

by Drew Martin
I watched Cloud 9 this weekend. It is a German film about a 67-year old married woman who falls in love with a 76-year old man. She is a seamstress and the man is a client, who asked to have alterations made to his pants.

The film is quite explicit, showing sex scenes between the lovers as well as one between the woman and her husband who is older than her lover. None of the characters are particularly likable. The husband is more into trains than his wife, the lover is regardless, and the woman is quite simple. This makes the affair less of a romantic dream and more of a geriatric romp.

While the film has been applauded for exploring the woman's angle of this extramarital affair, it is not hard to feel sympathetic to the old husband who wants to ends his days without such drama. In fact, the affair drives him to suicide.

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