Sunday, February 23, 2014

You See Santa Cruz

by Drew Martin
A couple days ago my daughter and I visited the University of California at Santa Cruz. It is the largest UC campus with the fewest students, and was developed in a decentralized way after the 1970 Kent State massacre in Ohio. Getting around the loop of the scattered areas at UCSC is a little disorienting so we stopped to ask directions from a student who was waiting at a bus stop. Before answering, she asked us to give her a ride while she jumped in the backseat and pushed aside our backpacks to make space for herself. She got us up to speed on campus life as she directed us to the music department where she had to practice her violin before a recital, which put us outside the Digital Arts building and just below the arts studios. We spoke to some of the staff and students, and were really impressed by the art programs as well as the overall energy there. A teacher's assistant gave us a tour of the sculpture studio as students diligently prepared for a critique. The following are detail shots of that walk-through as well as of the other studios.