Monday, November 2, 2009

Plaster Mars, Plastic Venus: A Mid-October Wall's Dream

Pictured here is a detail of The Wall at 209 South Broad Street, taken this mid-October with the old-school film camera my father gave me when I was a teenager (Ricoh with black & white TMax 400 film, developed by Bergen County Camera)

A pounded wood house sign with gold lettering
A Geisha doll I brought back from Kyoto
Plaster Mars [donated to Wall]
Ceramic French gentleman [donated to Wall] (head missing, replaced with burned spoon from the Santa Barbara Jesusita Fire of 2009)
Plastic Venus [donated to Wall]
Ceramic "I Love You" figurine [donated to Wall]
Old curtain rod, broken mirrors, hand-painted tiles, etc.

The large gray stones are from the original West Side Presbyterian Church, which burned down in 2002 (my parents' church, which I attended).