Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Storming Art

" The Storm King Art Center is a museum that celebrates the relationship between art and nature. Over 500 acres of landscaped fields, rollings hills, meadows and woodlands provide a dramatic setting for more than 100 post-World War II sculptures by internationally renowned artists."

Today, I went with my son, Calder, and his 4th grade class to walk the grounds and look at sculptures. Storm King is a must-see for anyone in the New York area and is even worth a pilgrimage to see it.

Pictured below: docent and class by a Sol LeWitt's Five Modular, class climbing up to Mark di Suvero's Frog Legs, Calder drawing Frog Legs, the class moving towards Alexander Calder's The Arch, two pix by Isamu Noguchi's Momo Taro.